Hair with locs seems to be not favored worldwide due to the strange look and great effort requirement. However, hair dreads is not a bad option for you to take up in important events such as your wedding. There are numerous wedding dreadlocks styles that will bring an outstanding appearance for both bride and groom on their crucial day. This article will provide the most trendy styles of dreads with detailed review.


1. Wedding dreadlocks styles: Overview about hair dreads

If the dreadlocks style is strange to you, this part will give you an insight into hair with locs, including the wedding dreadlocks styles, along with a short review attached.

1.1. Wedding dreadlocks styles: What is dreadlocks hairstyle?

People backcomb, twist or braid small sections of their hair to make dread strands which have the look like rope. This hairstyle originated from the citizens living in Greece and then was introduced to other regions around the world. In each area, the dreads are modified to be appropriate to the local culture. Thus, this hairstyle firstly stands for the pride of some ethinic groups.

The dreadlocks are applied on a wide range of ages and genders of people thanks to the diversified designs. The typical categories of hair dreads are Bohemian dreads, updo dreads, traditional long dreads, ponytail or bun dreads…  Wedding-dreadlocks-styles

1.2. Wedding dreadlocks styles: How the dreadlocks are made

Dreadlocks is considered to have the most complicated and hardest making process. However the modern technique of twisting or braiding dreads has simplified the traditional way. Here are the basic steps of making modern dreadlocks:

  • Step 1: Make sure that your hair strands and scalp are properly clean before braiding. You had better not apply the conditioner after washing because if the hair is too smooth, it is harder to keep the shape of the dreads. You can also use a hair extension from top hair in bulk and hair extension suppliers for temporary braiding afterwards.
  • Step 2: Squeeze the hair with a dry towel and use the hairdryer to make it dry completely. Remember to keep a distance of 20 centimeters away from the scalp to protect your hairline and strands from high temperatures. The wet hair will reduce the longevity of the hair dreads.
  • Step 3: Section your hair into small parts with the length of around 1 inch for each. Apply a layer of wax on the hair strands. Make sure that the texture is light and spread evenly on the hair only. Separate each section into two strands for twisting or three ones for braiding. The most common types of braiding are Dutch and French types.
    • Step 4: Secure at the end of each section after twisting or braiding. Keep doing the same until the last section. Rub the hair wax between two palms and roll section by section of hair concurrently to finish.   Wedding-dreadlocks-styles

1.3. Wedding dreadlocks styles: The features of dreadlocks

Due to the unique method of making, hair with locs including the wedding dreadlocks styles consist of some following pros and cons:

The advantages of dreadlocks:

    • Individual definition: The dreads emanate a laid-back, energizing, mysterious, and one-of-a-kind demeanor. Apart from ethnics who wear dreadlocks as a tradition, many people twist their hair to reflect their personalities and feelings. Meanwhile, some people experiment with dreadlocks as a way to experiment with their look.
    • Effortless maintenance: Because the hair is secured in place, hair dreads don’t need to be cleaned as frequently. The twisted dreads usually only need to be cleaned every two weeks or so. As a result of the water, the dreadlocks will be reinforced and loosen.
    • Fashionable look: Regardless of the type of dreadlocks you pick, this hairstyle will make you look both calm and assertive. Dreadlocks are popular among celebrities and fashionistas because they make them seem more distinctive and gorgeous.
    • Tangling-free: There are no hair knots when hair strands are tied together, and tangles are infrequent. As a consequence, you won’t have to struggle with the anguish or discomfort caused by hair knots in your brush when twisting dreads.
    • Time-saving: After twisting your dreads, keep them straight for 6 to 12 weeks before retwisting. The kind of dreads you make and how well you keep them impact the lifespan of your dreads. You don’t have to spend time every day deciding what to wear and how to style your hair.Wedding-dreadlocks-styles

The disadvantages of dreadlocks:

  • Great time and effort required: Although the dreadlocks can minimize the time spent on daily styling, the process of making this hairstyle is time-consuming. As each hair section is pretty minor and the twisting step is long.
  • Convenience and hygiene are limited: As the hair dreads only require the washing once or twice every four to six weeks. Thus, there will definitely be buildup of dirt and excess sebum on the scalp after a few weeks without washing. In addition, if you live in regions having hot weather, sweating would be another issue. Not only do the hair strands get itchy but the smell will be terrible.
  • Unexpected attention: As mentioned before, the dreadlocks hairstyle seems to be strange to numerous people. Thus, if this hairstyle is not popular in your location, you would attract judgment and negative attitudes toward your hair.

2. Wedding dreadlocks styles: Recommendations and review

After having a basic understanding about the hair dreads, here are some significant options of wedding dreadlocks styles. Choose the most relevant style for your day.

2.1. Wedding dreadlocks styles: Why should I take up the dreadlocks style?

Dreadlocks hairstyle is not frequently used by bride and groom in their wedding; however, it does not mean that dreads are not relevant to this event. When the bride put on locs, she would leave a strong impression on the guests attending and be the main character of the party. dreadlocks-styles

The wedding dreadlocks styles can be different and more complicated than the traditional dreads by sticking the pearls or rings and artificial flowers. The groom can also braid or twist his hair to have an unique appearance in the wedding.

As the dreadlocks have a fixed structure, this hairstyle is relevant to the busy and important occasion like the wedding as you do not have to spend time re-tying your hair or afraid of your hair being loosened.

2.2. Recommendations for wedding dreadlocks styles

Here are the options of wedding dreadlocks styles that are recommended for both men and women on their crucial day.

2.2.1. Wedding dreadlocks styles for bride

Dread bun- Half-half style

This is one of the most common styles of wedding dreadlocks for women with long hair. A number of braid out strands are made with the upper half of them tied up to a bun at the crown part of the scalp.

This type of hair dreads bring a formal look for such an important occasion and can match well with the wedding dress. The best color for this hairstyle should be black or dark brown.

Wrapped side ponytail dreads

This type of wedding dread is somehow a little similar to the half-half style. In particular, you take the twisted strands from both sides and of your scalp and then tie them up at the back. This wrapped side ponytail style is moderner and its hairlines are more invisible. Wedding-dreadlocks-styles

Dread elegant bun dreads

This one of wedding dreadlocks styles should be taken up if you wish to emphasize the beauty of your face. All the hair strands are wrapped up to form a bun at the crown of your scalp. You can dye the ends of your hair to make an elegant combination of colors on your head.

Side-swept braided dreads

If you have pretty long and thick hair, after twisting all the little sections of hair, you can braid them all to make a side fishtail hairstyle. To make it more stunning as one of the best wedding dreadlocks styles, you can stick the pearls or flowers along the dreads.

Short dreads

Your hair is short? Don’t worry. The short wedding dreadlocks styles still look wonderful with your dress. You just need to simply braid or backcomb the small sections of hair backward. You can stick the rings at the middle of the strands to create more attractive points on your scalp.

Dreads with beads

If you want to have an impressive wedding style of dreads, you can add the colorful beads at the ends of your hair strands. No matter how long the hair is, if you can combine the colors of those beads, the veil is not even necessary. It is advised that you should stick the beads with light color on dark colored hair. For instance, you can have red lowlights in blonde hair with white beads.Wedding-dreadlocks-styles4

Top knot dreads

This one of wedding dreadlocks styles does not require too many strands of dreads. You just have to section your hair into a few parts and twist or braid them identically. Then wrap all of them at the top of your head. You can decorate this knot with pearls or flowers. The veil should be stuck at the back foot of this knot.

Half braided dreads

This is one of the most girly wedding dreadlocks styles for brides and is easy to make. However, this style is applied for women with long hair only. Normally, you just have to braid the hair sections till the end of your nape and tie them up. Let the free part of hair blend together and make body wave vs straight styles based on your interest.

2.2.2. Wedding dreadlocks styles for groom

Low ponytail dreads:

If the groom has long hair, you can make a traditional style of dreads and tie them up right above the nape part of your scalp. This hairstyle is simple but still offers a professional look for the main character of the wedding.

Undercut dreads:

This one of wedding dreadlocks styles for the groom has been a popular style recently. The hair on two sides and behind the scalp should be shaved completely and then make dread strands at the top. This hairstyle is simple to make as well as helps you appear taller.


Dreads bun with line up:

Men with long hair can have another replacement of wedding dreadlocks styles beside the low ponytail. It is the bun with line up.

That’s all about the wedding dreadlocks styles for both bride and groom to take up on their crucial day. Milanhair hope that you have picked an appropriate option for your special day. Visit our website to have more useful articles about hair care and hair styles.

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