Understanding in difference between Single drawn and double drawn hair

If you want to experiment with hair extensions, you should know the following terms: Single drawn and double drawn and the difference between them. This article will partially understand what hair extensions you should buy.

Understanding in difference between Single draw and double drawn hair

ComparisonSingle drawn hair extensionsDouble drawn hair extensions
LengthHair in each strand barely has the same lengthA standard bundle of single drawn hair will contain around 50% full length hairs, and 50% different combination of lengths.  This means that the hair becomes thinner when getting close to the ends, while it is thicker at the tip of the bundleHair in each strand has the same lengthThis means that the hair will be thick from root to tip (contains 70-80% full length hairs) 
CostLow cost, cheaper than double drawn hair extensionsBecause less work involved in processing More expensive but more qualified Because workers have to remove shorter hair and cut the hair ends by hands. Then the hair will be sewn in a weft.
OriginSingle drawn hair is cut from the ponytail of one donor onlyTherefore, the hair length is unevenWhile Single Drawn hair is uneven, Double Drawn Hair is even from either side.
Who suitable forSingle drawn hair can give you natural locks.Because if hair naturally grows from our scalp, each strand of our hairs often have a different length. And this is apparently one feature of single drawn hairDouble drawn hair can give you voluminous locks. Because the hair extensions are very thick right to the tip, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease.