Machine Weave Hair

Weave hair extensions (Machine weft hair extensions) is the type of hair which is made by sewing the hair all together in one long line. It is also called as weave hair extensions. 

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Closure & Frontal

Some of you might get confused about Lace Closue and Lace Frontal because two of them are quite similar. Nevertheless, there are some striking differences you can notice and differentiate.

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Raw & Bulk Hair

Bulk hair is the most simple and fundamental hair product of all time. It is basically tied with elastic bands in the top of the hair without any attachments. The hair has all the main features like your real hair, which makes it so beautiful and suitable.

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Who are we?

HumanHairVN was founded in 2008 and since when, we have been working with many business partners in all over the world.

From a company which worked with mostly clients from Europe and North America, we now have strategic partners in many other countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

We always try to bring the best hair products with the most reasonable price. The quality is increasingly improve and the price is also affordable. At the same time, we constantly renovate our products to meet the changing demand of our clients.




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